WA4DSY 56 KB Bit Repeater

Eventually I'll write a description of the repeater, but for now here's the block diagram. Note that the repeater logic and FIFO is in the modem. No external logic is required. The 29 mhz filters were required at the Sweat Mtn. site to enhance the isolation above that provided by the Sinclabs 222 mhz duplexer. These were not required for the Lanier Mtn. site which uses a 5 mhz split ( 445.150 / 440.150 mhz) . A Motorola 4 cavity band pass/reject duplexer provided enough isolation.

The transmit converter is a Microwave Modules transverter with only the transmit side in use. The receiver downconverter is a Down East Microwave Inc. 222-28 transverter with only the receiver circuit built.

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