The Atlanta 56KB LAN

Click to view an aerial photo of the Sweat Mountain site
Red dots: Full duplex 56K bit repeaters
Blue dots: User stations
Blue lines: Paths between users and repeaters
Green line: Path between linked bit repeaters (29 miles)
Voilet lines: Alternate path between users and bit repeaters

Atlanta 56KB digital repeater frequencies

Sweat Mtn: 222.4 input, 223.85 output
Lanier Mtn: 440.15 input, 445.15 output

Download customized modem EPROM for use on the Atlanta 56KB LAN
Click here to view the current NOS domain.txt file for the Atlanta area
UPDATE: Dec 7, 2000
Sadly, due to lack of interest and the rise of cheap DSL Internet connections, the users shown on the map above are no longer active. The repeaters still exist and are operational but the user base is gone.