Welcome to the WA4DSY Atlanta APRS Server

Providing live APRS data on the Internet since July 23rd 1996

Linux and OS/2 APRS Servers by Dale Heatherington WA4DSY
JavAPRS Java applet by Steve Dimse K4HG
JavAPRS is now maintained by Pete Loveall, AE5PL.

Notice: As of March 1st 2009 WA4DSY has discontinued operation of the APRS server and RF gateway. The server software "aprsd" for Linux can still be downloaded here but is no longer being maintained. Some links on this page may no longer work.

Links on this page enable you to watch cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles equipped with GPS and APRS move around in real time on a map. Data from this site is obtained by monitoring 144.390 mhz in the Atlanta Georgia area.

Note: You will need a Java enabled web browser to view the realtime Atlanta APRS data plotted on a map. If your browser doesn't support Java you can still watch the raw APRS data in realtime via telnet. If your browser gives an error message such as "Unable to find application" it means the telnet application has not been installed on your machine.

The command for a stand alone telnet application is: "telnet www.wa4dsy.net 14579".

Since this server is connected to the internet via 144kbps iDSL , I've limited the max users to 30. It will take several minutes to download the Java applet and map over this link.

Live Java APRS

Java Applet Viewers

Those of you who want to use your applet viewer instead of a web browser can access the applets directly at these URLs:


Examples -

From an OS/2 command prompt:
applet http://www.wa4dsy.net/aprs/tncport.html

From a Linux shell prompt in Xwindows:
appletviewer http://www.wa4dsy.net/aprs/tncport.html

Apple Mac OS8:
Run the "Apple Applet Runner" located in Apple Extras/Mac OS Runtime for Java/Apple Applet runner and enter the above URL under File / Open URL.

Related Links

Free APRS Servers by WA4DSY

These servers open a serial port to your TNC and allow Internet users access to the received TNC data stream using telnet on port 14579 . The Linux version has multiple Internet ports and 2 way RF to Internet message passing like Steves APRServe. A full time Internet connection with a static IP address is recommended.

You may download the latest release of aprsd which works with RH 7.x and Mandrake 8.x. I've also included an install scripts for (RedHat 8) and SuSE 9.0 and ubuntu. Previous versions failed to compile on SuSE 9.0 due to header file issues. The latest release compiles and installs in ubuntu 7.10 . The only known bug is a slow memory leak. Memory is consumed at a rate of about 4 megs per month. I advise restarting it every 30 days: aprsd215b12.tgz (released Nov 8th, 2007)

Click here to view the Documentation for the Linux Server.

Client aprs program developers please read about the new Omniport in aprsd.

Note: Due to lack interest the OS/2 version is no longer being worked on.
It is a simple IGATE and will never have 2 way messaging.

MIC-E converter source code

Click here for text file or here for the ziped MIC-E converter C source code for use in your own APRS programs.
This service is experimental. Problems and service interruptions are to be expected.
As of 9-3-97 this is running on Linux.