What is Atheism?

Atheism is the natural human condition regarding religion; "Atheism" means "without theism."

Atheism involves the mental attitude which unreservedly accepts the supremacy of reason and aims at establishing a life-style and ethical outlook verifiable by experience and the scientific method, independent of all arbitrary assumptions of authority and creeds or supernatural agency.

Where theists base their world view on fear of eternal torment by a loving god, atheists live by the philosophy of materialism, which is predicated on ideas of the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, Demokritos.

Materialism declares that the cosmos is devoid of immanent conscious purpose; that it is governed by its own inherent, immutable, and impersonal laws; that there is no supernatural interference in human life; that humankind - finding their resources within themselves - can and must create their own destiny.

Materialism restores dignity and intellectual integrity to humanity.  It teaches that we must prize our life on earth and strive always to improve it.  It holds that we are capable of creating a social system based on reason and justice.

Materialism's "faith" is in humankind and their ability to transform the world culture by their own efforts. This is a commitment which is in its very essence life- asserting.  It considers the struggle for progress as a moral obligation that is impossible without noble ideas that inspire us to bold, creative works.

Materialism holds that our potential for good and more fulfilling cultural development is, for all practical purposes, unlimited.

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